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History of PACS


Probation and After Care Service (PACS) is a Goverment department currently under the State Department for Correctional Services in the Ministry of Interior & National Administration.

PACS is involved in the administration of criminal justice with the responsibility of the management of community corrections. This entails the generation of social information on offenders to courts and other government penal organs, implementation of supervised non-custodial court orders as well as the rehabilitation, reintegration, and resettlement of post-penal offenders.

Our key objectives are:

  1. To generate information for dispensation of the criminal justice.
  2. To supervise court orders, penal sanctions and rehabilitate offenders and ex-offenders.
  3. To reintegrate and resettle offenders.
  4. To participate in crime prevention and public safety.
  5. To promote, encourage and participate in the protection of victims’ rights and welfare.

Brief History

The history of Probation work in Kenya dates back to the colonial period when a committee appointed by the colonial government in 1941 to consider the introduction of a proabtion system was formed; to deal with the increasing prison and detention camp population.

The following year, in 1942, a report was published recommending the institution of a Probation system in Kenya starting with the Nairobi region.

In 1943, the first Probation Ordinance was promulgated, but it was not until 1946 that the Probation function commenced. The development of Probation work went through many phases as it was influnced by developments during the colonial and post-colonial period in Kenya.

At first, the Probation function supervised women and children who had been placed on Probation for committing minor offences in Nairobi region only. However, with time the function of the Service increased as extensive use of non-custodial measures were encouraged.

Currently, PACS has offices in all fourty seven counties and has its headquarters in Nairobi City.