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Welcome to PACS

Probation and Aftercare Service is a government department in the Ministry of Interior & National Administration, State Department for Correctional Services. We provide advisory reports to court and other agencies for the purpose of determining bail and bond terms and for decision-making on sentencing and release of offenders. We also supervise, resettle, reintegrate and rehabilitate offenders serving various non-custodial sentences in the community. In the management of offenders, we work with victims of crime and the public in ensuring public-safety. We invite you to know more about us as you peruse our website. 

PACS Services
Generating reports for the dispensation of justice

Generating reports for the dispensation of justice

A Bail Information Report is a pre-bail report prepared by a Probation Officer. This report can only be prepared by a Probation Officer after a court of law gives an order for the report to be done.

Offender Management

Offender Management

What is assessment: assessment of offenders is the process where a Probation Officers evaluates a person to inform decision making. It involves taking into account myriad factors that surround a person and weighing them to determine their risks or needs.

Probation Institutions

Probation Institutions

Juvenile Supervision is the support given by a Probation Officer to a child offender serving a community sentence to minimise the risk of re-offending and ensuring public safety, all in the best interest of the child.

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