Monday, June 25, 2018

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As the sole administrator of community based sanctions in Kenya, Probation and Aftercare Service derives its mandate from the following statutes: 

  • The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 in relation to criminal law and correctional services
  • Probation of Offenders Act CAP 64, Laws of Kenya, in relation to probation of offenders
  • Community Service Orders Act CAP 93, Laws of Kenya, in relation to community service
  • Prisons Act CAP 90, Laws of Kenya, in aftercare of adult offenders
  • Borstal Institutions Act CAP 92, Laws of Kenya, in aftercare of youthful offenders
  • Children's Act No. 8 of 2001, Laws of Kenya, in the case of children in conflict with the law
  • Mental Health Act CAP 248, Laws of Kenya, in respect of criminal pyschiatric offenders
  • Sexual Offences Act No. 3 of 2006, Laws of Kenya, in relation to sentences, rehabilitation and post-institutional supervision of dangerous sexual offenders
  • Power of Mercy Act No. 21 of 2011, Laws of Kenya, in relation to petition process and supervision of releasees
  • The Criminal Procedure Code CAP 75, Laws of Kenya
  • The Penal Code CAP 63, Laws of Kenya

The Department also implements various government policies related to probation work; general rules of international law; and treaties and conventions ratified by Kenya which form part of law under the Constitution.

Our Contacts

Probation and Aftercare Service Headquarters
Taifa Road, Reinsurance Plaza, 11th Floor
P. O. Box 42335-00100 GPO, Nairobi - Kenya.
Phone: +254-020-2652335, 020-2224016