Monday, June 25, 2018

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The Technical Administration Division oversees and coordinates the Department’s support functions which include:development and implementation of operational plans, financial planning, management of human resource and capacity building, performance contracting and performance appraisal systems, maintenance of standards through quality control and assurance, collaboration and networking with partners and stakeholders, management of Probation Institutions, and providing transport and logistics.

The Division has four (4) sections, and nine (9) Units listed below:

1) Finance and Planning Section:

  1. Finance Unit
  2. Planning Unit

2) Human Resource Management and Development Section:

  1. Human Resource Management Unit
  2. Human Resource Development Unit

3) Research, Statistics adn Development Section:

  1. Research and Quality Control Unit
  2. Statistics Unit
  3. Information Technology (IT) Unit

4) Probation Institutions Section:

  1. Probation Community Resource Centers Unit
  2. Probation Hostels Unit


Our Contacts

Probation and Aftercare Service Headquarters
Taifa Road, Reinsurance Plaza, 11th Floor
P. O. Box 42335-00100 GPO, Nairobi - Kenya.
Phone: +254-020-2652335, 020-2224016