Monday, June 25, 2018

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Offender supervision is the support given by a Probation Officer to an offender serving a community sentence to minimise the risk of re-offending and ensuring public safety. Probation Officers supervise offenders in the community to ensure compliance to Probation Orders, Community Service Orders, Penal Release Licenses and Executive Orders. Probation Officers conduct a secondary assessment of the risks and needs of the offender(s) upon which an individualised supervision plan is developed and employed. Regular contact and general surveillance of offenders is maintained until the end of the supervision period.
During the supervision period, offenders are required to:
  • Be of good behaviour, honest and truthful.
  • Disassociate anyone forbidden to association by the Probation Officer.
  • Report to the Probation Officer when scheduled to do so.
  • Expect to receive visits from the Probation Officer at place of residence/ home.
  • Obtain and remain in regular employment.
  • Abstain from over-indulgence in intoxicating substances.
  • Reside at a place known to the Probation Officer.
  • Work full sessions and remain on site until released by a Community Service Supervisor, for offenders required to perform community service.

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