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In the administration of criminal justice, Probation Officers generate social inquiry reports to inform decision making on bail and sentencing of accused persons. In preparing these reports, Probation Officers are required to conduct social investigations which provide an assessment of suitability for non-custodial measures. Social inquiry reports are prepared by Probation Officers upon request by the Court, that is, when a case is referred for a Probation Officer’s Report. The preparation of Probation Officer’s Reports usually takes a period of two weeks from the time a case is referred. The following are the type of reports prepared by Probation Officers:
1) Bail Information Reports
Bail Information Reports assist the courts to make fair and appropriate bail decisions in regards to accused persons who are detained. The preparation of these reports are further to Article 49 of the Constitution and Section 123 and 123A of the Criminal proceudre code. Further, the Bail and Bond policy guidelines guides the courts on situations in a case that may warrant the calling for the reports.
2) Probation Officer's Reports 
Probation Officer's Reports provide an assessment of an offender's suitability to serve a supervised community based sentence.
3) Community Service Officer's Reports
Community Service Officer's Reports assist courts in making decisions pertaining to community service. These reports provide an assessment of an offender's suitability to perform community service. 
4) Sentence Review Reports
Sentence Review Reports are prepared for assessment of convicted persons serving prison sentences whose cases are being reviewed by the High Court. These are prerelease advisory reports made subject to direction of the High Court and meant to decongest prison facilities by commuting suitable cases to Community Service Orders and other forms of alternatives to imprisonment as the court may deem appropriate.

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